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Words That Sell is a must have for anyone writing copy period.

Richard Bayan's book, Words That Sell is a copywriters paradise. It a nice short paperback, just a mere 131 pages but is jam-packed with words, phrases, and sentences that will mesmerize, romanticize and compel readers to take action! 


What You Will Learn About Words That Sell

The book is broken up into 4 parts:

  • Grabbers

  • Descriptions and Benefits

  • Clinchers

  • Special Strategies

In each section, Bayan provides an all-inclusive list of words and phrases to attract, appeal and influence the reader. Each designed to captivate the intended audience.

The book is not intended solely for copywriters but for anyone looking to master the power of words in any correspondence be that advertising, letter writing or even in verbal presentations. If you are looking to write with flare, this is one book you might want to add to your library. If you are an aspiring copywriter or looking to improve and enhance your vocabulary with words that sell you may also want to consider grabbing this
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