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Serious business owners never stop learning, especially about their competition
and those that are ahead of them. You can 10X your learning with these
Top 7 Business Podcasts.

But before I share let me point out WHY you should listen to them. Every successful person I have ever met or read about had one common thread. They were OBSESSED with learning everything about success in their field and as the learning never stops. So grab a headset or a wifi speaker, turn your vehicle into a mobile library and plug into some of these gems. Show – Extremely entertaining and innovative. Ben Settle will show you how to put your own twist on everything you produce. He highlights what makes the difference between a yes business to a “Who was that” business”

School of Greatness – One of the top ranked business and self-development podcasts on out there. A Lewis Howes production.

GaryVee – Gary Vaynerchuk all-access pass is my best definition of this. Pretty much anything and everything that Gary is about and what he believes in from his passion of sports to how to create million dollar businesses.

The Truth About Marketing – Great copywriting tips with Kevin Rogers, The Copy Chief.

SelfMade Man – Created by The Godfather of Attraction Marketing, Mike Dillard. This podcast features interviews and conversations with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and how they started

Brendan Burchard -Two podcasts per week. One full of tactical information to improve a specific area of your life and the other his personal challenge and how he overcame it. Great inspiration and motivation.

Tony Robbins – It's Tony Robbins. Learn how to create lasting change in your areas of your life and achieve success in business and finance.

Turn your dead space into learning and heartfelt space by enriching your mind and soul with podcasts from some of the most successful people in the world.







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