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The Wisdom of Andrew Carnegie as told to Napoleon Hill is a timeless classic that every person aspiring to succeed should read, in fact, it's a must.

This book is an actual account of an interview that Napoleon Hill conducted of Mr. Andrew Carnegie in 1908. Mr. Carnegie was the richest man in the world at that time and had taken in Mr. Hill as his apprentice. Napoleon Hill went on to accumulate massive wealth and authored several books, his most famous, Think and Grow Rich.

The 17 Principles of Success

According to Mr. Carnegie, there are 17 principles that anyone desiring to achieve success must understand and incorporate into his daily habits.


They are as follows:

  1. Definiteness of Purpose – Have more than a dream or a wish. You must have an obsessive, burning desire to achieve what you desire. This includes having a clear mental picture and an insatiable thirst for the knowledge necessary to achieve it. 
  2. Mastermind Alliance – Have an alliance with two or more. Minds working together in harmony with the same definitive purpose. Knowledge is only potential power and it only becomes power when it is organized and turned into definite action. Educate yourself and establish relationships with a chosen few. 
  3. Applied Faith – Faith is woven into every aspect of personal achievement. A man's brain is the finest piece of machinery ever created and it operates with an unseen, unexplainable energy that is limitless in its capabilities. To access this power, one must have faith for it is what frees the mind, applied faith fed by definiteness of purpose. Faith moves in when fear moves out. 
  4. Going The Extra Mile – Always give more than what is expected or demanded of you. SERVE. This activates the law of compensation. 
  5. Pleasing Personality – Have humility of the heart. Do not be overly impressed with your own importance.
    Make yourself useful to others. People of the world are becoming more and more spiritually broken. Give them hope. Smile.
  6. Positive Mental Attitude – Be positive, be optimistic. Always look for the best and be the best. 
  7. Enthusiasm – Do what you do with your highest level of enthusiasm. If you don't love what you do, do something else, something you have a passion for. Seek that which inspires you. 
  8. Personal Initiative – Take responsibility for yourself, your actions concerning all your behavior. 
  9. Self-Discipline – Learn to practice self-control and deny yourself from engaging and consuming in activities that are detrimental to your well being, mind, body and spirit. 
  10. Accurate Thinking – Take possession of your own mind. Organize your thoughts. 
  11. Controlled Attention – Focus! Put your mind to your tasks and ignore all the distractions. This requires self-discipline, commitment to completion of your necessary tasks. 
  12. Teamwork – Work well with others in your alliance for the greater good of all. 
  13. Adversity and Defeat – Failure can become a habit and that leads to poverty. Learn from your fails, self-correct and adjust but never stop until you have achieved your desired outcome. Understand that true happiness comes from doing things that help others. 
  14. Creative Vision – Your mind is the workshop of the soul, the place where man's hopes and desires are made material. Do not allow your imagination and creativity to atrophy.  Your mind is where thoughts are created. Your body is what allows you to take action. Your spirit is what drives your emotion. Take possession of them and fuel your creativity. 
  15. Health – Your body is the housing for you soul. It is able to take whatever you feed into it, this includes your mind, and process it to take what it needs to function. To maintain it in its peak performance, you must fuel it with only the purest and best. You must have proper amounts of nutrients, water, exercise to optimize its full potential. 
  16. Budgeting Time and Money – Again this requires self-discipline and accurate measure of what you are currently doing and creating a new plan to make the most efficient use of your time and your finances. 
  17. Habits –  Learn to master these principles by incorporating into your daily life until they become habits and you have created a new more positive and successful life.

To conclude, I will end on this note. Be mindful of your words, learn to control your emotions.
Eliminate fear, jealousy, hatred, envy, revenge, greed, superstition and anger.
Replace them with Love, Sex, Hope, Faith, Desire, Optimism and Loyalty.

Always choose success over failure.

I hope you have enjoyed these very brief highlights from this wonderful book. If so, please leave a comment and share.

All the best,

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