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and I don't mean the movie
but it is a great one if you haven't seen it.

I'm talking about the shift in YOU.

Not like shapeshifters either
or physical transformation that happens
when you eat right, exercise, hydrate and play…

But the shift that happens in that part of you,
the unseen part of you.

You know the one I'm speaking of…
It's “that stuff”
That mysterious stuff that sometimes speaks to you.

It causes you to feel restless.
it's an ache, a longing, and gnawing
that just won't go away.

Sometimes it burns.

and it continues to burn until
the shift happens.

It turns into a fiery flame
and all the BS, the excuses, yes
even the obstacles come to an end.

Because now you are unstoppable.

You're a monster.

A hungry beast that won't be satisfied
until you do what you have to do.

Are the challenges over?
Heck no
but now it's fun.

That's when victory is near.

Feeling Victorious,
P.S. Want to overcome the challenge of FB groups?
My buddy Aron Parker is presenting tonight
in our Team Webinar.
You can see his incredible story and see how he made the shift.




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