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The Creed of The Conquering Chief originally published circa 1919-20? was an experiment in psychology, the study of the human mind and its ability to transform a man into a supreme genius.
Man is superior to all living things because of the power of the mind, the ability to think and reason ~ Creed Of The Conquering Chief Click To Tweet

A very short book, a mere 76 pages, it is packed with some of the greatest truths and wisdom known and unknown to man. It is one you will need to read more than once to gully grasps its full power.
Great men all follow this creed. They would be incapable of achieving success in their lives without it. They are men of genius. Men such as our founding fathers, creators, and inventors such as Thomas Edison. The richest and most innovative men in the world.

The author, Albert Lewis Pelton, describes an experiment where he asked a man to present a speech explaining this creed, the creed of the conquering chief, the creed of the most successful.

The most impressive and significant points are as follows:

  • Genius is a term used to define the man who can demonstrate the ability to concentrate. To intensify his brain power, his energy. Most men waste this power.
  • Genius is the man who can conquer his subconscious. Control and regulate his own thinking.
  • Genius is mind power turned into action. This is where most fall off and the genius rises above the rest.
  • Man's greatest driving force is to be superior. He thinks and the action follows.
  • Don't run and read, stop and think.
To Be A Genius, one need only study hard enough to be able to tell people what they already think. Click To Tweet

People are capable of developing their brains, their creative center into a brilliant machine that will enable them to do far greater things than they previously thought possible.

In the experiment, the orator says,
If you are to run wiht me, you must have an open mind. You must be willing to cast aside long cherished delusions.

The Creed of The Conquering Chief

Stop and Think


What delusions might you living?

Amparo Titmus
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