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It was dark-thirty when I opened my eyes.

It always is now. 3, 4, sometimes 1 or 2 AM I start my day.
No alarm is necessary.

I made a commitment to give myself some quiet time to do things I never seem to have time for otherwise but today was different. I had to drive nearly 2 hours for a 7:15 appointment.

I had been restless. Excited for the day. Full of anticipation for this new beginning. So sleep did not come easy.

Fumbling in the dark, I got up and quickly dressed…
No time for coffee.

The CD player stared at me.

My mind said “you don't have time to meditate today…

Staring at the time, making quick calculations and acknowledging that I drive faster than anyone I know.

I hit play.

The music started and the familiar voice said,
“Love yourself enough to do this” and I sat up,
found my center and released the thoughts attempting to hold my body in the past.


As I drove on, the GPS directed me to turn and I found myself on the turnpike. “Do you have enough cash? coins? What if there are no manned toll booths?” flooded my mind as I frantically began searching and feeling in my bag.


“See? I told you. YOU ARE GOING TO BE LATE!”

Up ahead the blinking yellow lights loomed.

“Ok, here it comes, you won't have enough coins…”

As I pulled up to the booth, the woman smiled. 
Relieved I held out a five dollar bill.

“You have a SunPass Honey”

“I'm sorry, what? I don't have a SunPass”

She smiled again and said, “Go on now, this thing says you do,
keep your money and get going”.

I slowly stepped on the gas and quickly shifted gears and in minutes I was racing on the still dark road. 
My heart was laughing and I felt chills.
Soon I was giggling and then burst out laughing.
I was running out of gas.
“You're going to be late…”

“Aw SHUT UP already,” I said out loud as I pulled 
into the gas station.

“I have a God Pass.”

Things have a way of revealing themselves in unexpected ways. 
I made it on time, just the right time, exactly how and where I
was meant to be.





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