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This is me, a me that didn't exist a month ago, a me that didn't exist yesterday, speaking from my heart. WhenYour Heart Leads You find A New Destiny.


In early December last year, I went to an intensive event, a process I submitted myself to joyfully. I had expectations, yes and I knew that I would learn and experience some powerful things. What I didn't know was the extent of the impact that event would have on me and as yet I imagine much is yet to come for now I am creating a new destiny.

Upon my return, I got very quiet, unusually so and it was for a reason. For the last few weeks, I have been processing, re-evaluating everything. My present situation and my future.
For the first time in my life, I am designing my life and how I want that to look like without digging into my past or thinking about what I should do or what is expected of me but rather what I, the me (the essence that lies within), wants and how I want to live.


The reality is I have lived the way I have chosen to but never have I actually made a complete life plan, an intentional, purposeful plan.

My existence had been a little haphazard, being primarily reactive to my environment. A common human behavior. Yet somehow I have managed to live an extraordinary life. Click To Tweet

What I learned and am now practicing, is to not react but rather respond deliberately, consciously (or not respond as sometimes that is a good choice too). I am making lots of choices now with purpose and the intention to get closer to my desired outcomes.
I choose to be happy.
I choose love.
I choose health.
I choose abundance.
I choose these things because I am these things
and they flow in me and through me.
At the event, Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins said, “Life will never be the same…
you didn't know your date with destiny would be a blind date…”
He was right. What I found was the Human Spirit On Fire that lies within.
Some of you may think or feel that this may seem selfish and maybe that's just my own mind saying that but I know differently. We have to take care of ourselves first.
We have to learn and expand in order to grow and be strong.
It's the law of the universe, the law of nature and you will see it if you pay attention.
If you have read this far, I thank you and I commend you. Leaders are readers and they are ever learning. The day you think you know it all is the day you stop growing.
Be still and listen to your heart. 
The mind thinks but the heart knows.
Let it be your guide.



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