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There's a difference between renting and owning.
No this is not a real estate lesson but it is a crucial
point on taking anything and making it yours.

Making It Yours

Renting space is occupation without ownership.
The days of borrowing a cup of sugar are non-existent.
It feels icky anyway.

No one wants to be in debt to someone else much less
pay for the use of…

What is holding on to you and better yet,
what are you holding on to that
1. you are no longer really needing?
2. Not really making use of?

I'm obsessed with keeping things moving in and out.
At least once a week, I clear the stuff in my head
(ok that I do daily), in my physical space, in my work environments, in my computer.

You get it?

You cannot really see what you have right in
front of you if you are surrounded by clutter.

Stuff that is “renting” space in your life
go on give it an eviction notice.

And claim what is yours.
That's the flip side. You have stuff of value.
Not talking sugar here but gold.
The gold in your mind, the gold in your soul.

Do you trust yourself enough to buy into you?

All the best for continued success,

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