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Behavioral change is essential if one is to learn how to stop Reacting to The Environment and become aware of the triggers.

We Can Control Our Reactions

Through the years of our lives, we are subjected to many things and people that influence us. These influences are not always favorable.

Here you will learn how to stop reacting and create new better responses you can live with happily ever after.


Identifying What Your Triggers Are

To begin, we must start to become aware of what things, people, even environments tend to trigger us. What are the events that evoke our emotions? Once we are able to identify them we become observers of the situation and can make a deliberate, conscious choice as to how we will respond or not respond. Sometimes not responding is an excellent choice.

Introducing A New Thought To Create A New Behaviour

Once the trigger has been identified, you now get to decide how you will respond. This process will need to be repeated until your response becomes a habit, one you don't need to think about. The old patterns die and new ones are born. This makes you a new person with new behaviours and a much happier you.



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