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The Spirit

How To Moisturize Your Soul

There are things one can to keep one's soul vibrant, alive and supple. In the book, Having a Mary Spirit, Joanna Weaver calls it the “Shriveled Soul Syndrome”. People who suffer from this condition have allowed the circumstances and experiences in their lives to harden them like dried rose petals.

The Process Is Simple. 

These are the steps outlined in the book, Having a Mary Spirit.

  • Avoid Gossip – Engaging in gossip shrinks the spirit.
  • Release Bitterness – Bitterness will shrivel the soul quickly
  • Take Risks – These people walk in faith.
  • Trust – Never worry and believe.
  • Don't Live To Have “Stuff”- people who live for things they can acquire shrivel quickly
  • Master your Appetite – Cravings uncontrolled will starve your soul
  • Grow Deep – Expanded, healthy souls have deep roots in philosophy and theology.
  • Be Generous – The more you give, the bigger and healthier the soul.
  • Think Globally – Expanded souls serves the world.

Keeping these in the forefront will feed your soul with the waters of peace, healing and wellbeing and your soul will blossom.



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