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Got home late afternoon yesterday after my 3 weeks at yet another sanctuary.
Seems surreal that since April I have been traveling almost continuously and staying at some homes and locations that are beyond what this little Puerto Rican girl who grew up the Bronx ever dreamed of.
I've been dripping bits and pieces of my travels and experiences across social media and on my blog site but really my life since April is what great books and movies are made of.
If you know me, even just a little bit, you know that I have invested heavily, both in time and money into personal development and I feel moved now to help as many people as possible come to understand how they, YOU, can begin to realize what is possible.
REALIZE : to become aware; to cause to happen.
I share that definition for greater clarity.
Two of the greatest things I have come to realize in the last few weeks are: 1. Nothing happens until a person disciplines them self to do what is required.
2. Each of us has the power required to discipline ourselves.
So today I want to share with you something that perhaps you have seen or heard about or maybe someone, maybe even me, shared it with you before.
The answer is HERE.
Now you may choose not to click you may choose not to listen you may choose to begin and not finish…
You always have the choice. That is your power.
What you do with that power is your choice.
The lesson will continue to present itself to you in various forms, in new people old people, new books and old books…
The message is the same.
You choose when you want to hear it. You choose when you want to listen to it.
I will keep sharing.
All the best Amparo.

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