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Fifty years ago today I became a teenager. It was nearing the end of the 60's.

I saw The Beatles, The Kennedy's, The Moon Landing, Martin Luther King…

I saw a rebellion and a sea of humanity crying for change.

I was a rebel too.

My body has morphed, my mind has expanded but my spirit remained the same.
Albeit many times it lay dormant, lying in wait…

50 years later it is awake and thriving!

It is as young and alive as it was and it makes me joyful.
This past year I experienced the end of much and the beginning of much. 
My soul is dancing and it is grateful for all of these experiences and all of those that are yet to unfold.
I am grateful to everyone and everything for being a part of my life experience.
This is me at 63.

Spending the day quietly at my little vacation home on the canal swimming. I went out yesterday and bought all my favorite “junk” food…

I know I know…

But it's my birthday, it's my party!

It's Ok to have some fun, very Ok.

All the best,




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