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Effective Communication In Leadership. Plainly put, they speak and behave in a certain way.

There is a “knowing” in their voice. You can feel their power even through video.

Who are you and what do you stand for? This is a question that most people have difficulty answering in a concise and clear statement. Often they identify with their labels of employment, marital status, mom, dad and then go off into a long-winded explanation of what they perceive are their beliefs and values.

To know the answer you must have an understanding of yourself.

When you can speak with conviction about your service or product. There is certainty in your voice, not doubt, not hope, not wishing.

Death and Life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18.21 Click To Tweet

Observe people who speak about themselves with conviction. These are the leaders in your community, your business. They are those people you desire to be like. Study them.

Who are you listening to?

Are you listening to those that have conviction and eliminating those that do not? Learn to eliminate those that do not add to your cause and who only distract you from your task.

Silent Power is when you lose the appearance of concern and struggle. This is accomplished when you learn to control what comes out of our mouth and that is accomplished when you learn to control your thoughts.

Everyone has challenges, in health, personal relationships and financial. It is part of life. If you communicate your struggle and lack to others they will not want to be around you. The only people who will be drawn to you and stay with you are those that are also in lack.
We attract what we are. If we are speaking and acting in misery, in lack, that is what we will continue to attract.

Leaders will be repelled by you and those behind you will see you as weak and not wish to follow you.

Become aware of how you speak and what you are saying.

Stop, think and then respond if a response is required.

If it's not required, don't say it. Click To Tweet

Notice that top leaders NEVER speak of their woes.

Make these promises to yourself.

  • I will no longer express doubt or lack to anyone.
  • If I am challenged I will seek my own solutions.
  • I accept responsibility for myself.

In nature, the ill or wounded animal will remove themselves from the others so as not to infect, effect or burden the pack. The strong are genetically coded to leave you behind. The pack will keep moving. It is how the strong survive.

The weak become meat and the strong will eat. Click To Tweet

Lose the desire to chit chat and be careful what words come out of your mouth.

  • Make your word law
  • Do what you say
  • Say what you mean.

Keep the promises you make to yourself and to others.
You are always listening to yourself.

Have meaningful conversations with the people that you are friending.When you Make comments on social media such as Facebook™ say something relevant. Make it meaningful and engage people in conversation.

This in itself makes you stand out from the rest.

Remember if you act wounded, people will walk away.

Speak with authority and conviction. Speak positively, always encouraging and adding to the conversations and watch how effective communication in leadership will accelerate your career and business.

All the best,

Amparo Titmus



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