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Cuban Sandwiches and Expresso Dreams

Today I was hungry. The truth, I was craving a Cuban sandwich. You can't go to South Florida and not have one.
so yeah this post is not vegan-friendly and will probably shock health enthusiasts but a Cuban sandwich was made to be eaten and when in South Florida, it's what you do.

Small Cafe Scores Big

Not too far from where I'm staying, I find this very non-assuming little place in the far end corner of a shopping plaza. The sign at the entrance is just a banner over the doorway which screams, “we're new”! But I looked on Yelp, saw it had great reviews and it was crowded! Always a good sign.


I like to eat

Being alone and seeing how popular the place was I sat at the smallest table and ordered my Cubano and a genuine authentic Cuban Expresso. Now you have to understand that when I first arrived in Florida, I lived and worked in Miami. In 1984, I rented a room on Miami Beach for $65 a month and worked at the Omni Hotel. It was there I had my first Cubano and my first Cuban Expresso!

So today, I was not going to be denied. Mima's did not disappoint. You also need to know that Cuban Expresso is a work of art. It's not like any other coffee.

This video shows you how you can make it at home.

Now my Cubano…

Cubano Sandwich

was super delicious. It's made with thinly sliced pork, ham, pickles, with buttered Cuban bread and pressed. Yum yum.

I think what I most enjoyed about this place was the atmosphere.

I got to meet the owner and chatted him up. They are a Cuban family that opened the restaurant just 4 months ago. 

A real family running a real business.

Living the dream. Latinos creating the American Dream, making that dream a reality. What's not to love?


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