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Attraction is chemical. If you are looking to attract the right people be that in business or relationships you need to understand how to activate the attraction generator.

Like attracts like contrary to the popular belief that opposites attract. Human nature draws us to those we feel are like us and the attraction is greater when we feel that person is going to increase our own value. For example, a person who can convey a feeling of strength, personal power as in confidence, security not necessarily muscular thought biologically that does have a hight attraction factor.

Attracting the right persons in relationships and in business are very similar. People who demonstrate the strength of character and leadership, (higher value) will stand a better chance of activating the Attractor Generator.

8 Attraction Generator Tips

  • Be of good health and fitness
    Taking care of physical body lets the world know that you respect yourself it also will give you a zest for life and that is highly attractive.
  • Dress To Impress
    Wearing clean, fashionable clothing also signals to those around you that you care about yourself and if you appear refined and polished, you have perceived increased value not only to yourself but to others.
  • Exude confidence
    Be relaxed and exude an appearance that you have everything under control. Be comfortable with yourself.
  • Smile and relax
    Anyone that is anxious, angry, complaining is not attractive. Smile, a lot.
  • Be Abundant.
    Never give anyone reason to believe that you are desperate about anything.
  • Detach yourself from the outcome
    Keep yourself in a steady state. Do not allow others to influence your emotions, to evoke you to a state where you do not desire to be, anger, fear. In turn, do not do things to impress anyone or achieve some type of response from them. You are always in control of you. You are a leader.

  • Speak with confidence
    Leaders are calm and sure of themselves and it is evident when they speak.
  • Initiate and lead conversations  Nothing more to say here about that.

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