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Hi, I'm Amparo Titmus RN, MSN/ed

I know it's weird that I'm writing this myself but I'm not shy about talking about myself.
You see no one knows you better than you so why not tell your own story?

I was asleep for a very long time, kind of like in a fairy tale except no prince came to wake me up.

I woke myself up

I could tell you stories of growing up in poverty and family dysfunction. I knew I was not destined to fit into that box so as soon as I could I got out.

It was in my mid-thirties I excitedly entered the world of nursing. It was a dream career that I had great passion for and I was thrilled to assist thousands of women bring life to the world and diving deeper into the world of trauma and intensive care.

Something, however, was terribly wrong.

It was like a silent disease.

Somehow, something was missing. I could feel the ache growing. It was a void that kept growing and growing like a festering wound and everything around me seemed to be getting infected. Nothing seemed right anymore.

No matter how much education I got, no matter how much money I made,
I never felt like I had it quite together.

I couldn't understand how or why this was happening to me. I was highly educated, making fabulous money, traveling, yet nothing seemed to be enough, there was a deep unexplainable pain. How could this be happening to me? and WHY was it happening?

From Fragmented to Whole

When we come into this life journey, no one gives us a navigational guide and we begin to take on many responsibilities and assume many roles. It's what is expected of us.

We have these labels that society places on us and the ones we give ourselves.

I was torn trying to fulfill all these roles, all these responsibilities, and expectations of myself.  I was failing miserably.

The harder I tried, the worst things got in all areas of my life. My once passionate career sucked, my finances sucked and my relationships with people were strained.
Ok, they sucked too!

The Search

I didn’t know what I was looking for. In fact, when I started I didn’t even know I was looking.

All I wanted was to escape and I knew I needed to do something different. It was scary.

In the beginning, I did what most people do, looked for a way out of my current situation by looking for money. It was what I had done before so surely it would work again.

Money came. Money went. Just like it had before. In April, 2015 I attended an event
for home business owners. There I experienced something mysterious and magical. 

A Door Opens

I got curious, really curious and I started to learn things no one had ever taught me.

What I learned and what I found was much greater than anything I could have imagined!

Once we see the light we know that there will be no satisfaction until we experience a kind of divinity. Slowmo Click To Tweet

The Shift.

I shifted from pursuing money to pursuing answers, knowledge and understanding My quest was now for meaning, for purpose and what’s next in my life.

I have had the great pleasure to meet, learn and work with some of the greatest minds and most successful people alive today. People like Tony Robbins and Dr. Joe Dispenza.

In April, 2018 I took a leap of faith and dramatically altered my life and my future.

Today I am free and I am happy. All areas of my life have improved and continue to do so.

Nothing really is the same anymore.

My life is joyful, filled with love. I have been able to achieve financial freedom, overcome physical limitations and I know that I can show you how
YOU CAN BE HAPPY TOO and live a more meaningful, purposeful and powerful life.

Amparo Titmus is Registered Nurse with a Masters of Science in Nursing degree with a concentration in education. She obtained her MSN degree at the University of Phoenix, where she graduated cum laude. She was inducted into Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society for Nursing in 2008.

She obtained her Bachelors of Science degree in nursing at The University of Florida in Orlando, Florida in 1998
and obtained her Associates Degree in Nursing in 1990.

While in active practice she was a certified obstetrical nurse, a certified critical care nurse with a specialty in neuroscience. She has worked at some of the most prestigious hospitals in the U.S. as a bedside nurse, a nurse and patient educator and has held positions with administrative capacities.

She currently spends most of her time traveling while she continues to self-educate herself in the areas of Quantum Physics, the mind, body, spirit relationship while writing about her experiences and her passion is teach and empower others to achieve ultimate freedom.

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